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Flooring Dec 22, 2022

Kick the bucket: Paint vs Tiles with Stiles

At Stiles, we care about the heart of your home but with its demanding schedule to make the best memories we recommend keeping the area fitted with only the best products to keep the show going. With the traditional use of paint in common areas, we have a look at what makes tiles your best solution



Kitchens and bathrooms are bound to be exposed to everyday elements such as stains and heat. Where paint cannot brace itself for damage tiles can pick up the slack with their durability and ease to clean. With just a bit of soap and water, your room finishes can look as good as new. Over time paint can easily chip away with use or become discoloured with tiles’ long durability you won’t be needing any recoats either!

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Protection from Mould:

In painted areas that are prone to getting wet or even water damage, you sit with the risk of mould forming. If not maintained correctly you can be exposed to multiple health concerns. With tiles being non-porous, they naturally have an anti-bacterial advantage over paint. With their easy ability to clean and water-resistant finish, we highly recommend tiles for any hub in your home.


Versa-tile designs:

We love tiles for their incredible selection of designs. To compliment any aesthetic under the sun, tiles show off and stand out. With their instant added sense of luxury they take the win over your standard paint coat by adding a class of depth to any space.

Shop all the designs your heart requires and more with Stiles. Visit us in-store and online for the best quality and style on SA shores!




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