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Flooring Aug 12, 2023

Italtile: Introducing The Spanish Wynn Tile Collection

Introducing the eco-chic Wynn Tile Collection – Italtile’s richly lustrous and luxuriant new Spanish KitKat Tiles.


KitKat Tiles took the interior design world by storm in 2018 and they remain on trend. Slender and ‘wafer-thin’, as sweet as the name suggests, their striking design has given them instant iconic status, which keeps their popularity soaring. Italtile is thrilled to introduce the Wynn KitKat Tile Collection, an ultra-chic range in three trending colourways by Mainzu of Spain.

The 150mm x 300mm Wynn KitKat Tile Collection has been designed not only to add striking detail to a layered contemporary space but also to imbue a room with the sense of calm that comes from the repetitive pattern created by the uniform nature of the shape and “lay” (two reasons why KitKat Tiles are favoured by interior designers, architects, and decorators). KitKats, also called Finger Tiles, take inspiration from Japanese design, which is renowned for its tranquility, order and simplicity. (So, if Zen springs to mind while gazing upon these slim lovelies, you’re not wrong!)

The Wynn Collection is available in three lustrous colours, Blanc, Bleu and Marine, all enhanced by rich glazing and beautiful colour imperfections for a sense of fluid movement and tonal variance.

Blanc: An almost translucent liquid winter white.

Bleu: Cerulean blue with jade-green highlights.

Marine: Deep, dramatic oceanic green.

Wynn KitKats will add colour and texture into your reno space without becoming overwhelming. The uniform shapes, while distinctly modern, have a timeless quality, so while they are a beautiful solution to elevate an existing classic interior, they will also be in tune with the features and fixtures of a modern space.

Speaking of uniformity, the KitKat “wafers” are arranged on a sheet to ensure consistency. Each sheet carries a specific number of tiles in a uniform arrangement.  This makes the installation process faster and more straightforward, rather than having to install each slim finger individually. Laid vertically, they will add height to a space, while a horizontal lay will give a space a sense of greater width.

The grout lines between mosaic tiles are usually narrower than those between larger tiles; this makes for easier maintenance and cleaning, with less surface area for dirt and grime to accumulate.

Slim but durable, the Wynn KitKat Tile Collection is crafted from porcelain, which offers high levels of resistance to chemicals (including pool chemicals), stains, extreme heat, and impact.

Mainzu of Spain have a rigorous sustainability scorecard with a company ethos that commits them to a path that guarantees socio-environmental sustainability, with the protection and improvement of the communities in which they operate. Green facilities, waste reduction and water reduction at every stage of production, and low to no emissions are all sustainability pillars that are audited annually.

The eco-chic Wynn KitKat Collection is exclusive to Italtile and will carry Italtile’s LiveGreen label.

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