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Flooring Aug 6, 2022

Benefits of designing with tile

At Stiles , we know that tiles have us in a chokehold but maybe you’re not too sure about when and where they should go. Well, we’re taking it back to basics with this list of questions you can ask yourself to seal the deal. Let’s get into the benefits of tiles:

What are the benefits of tiles:

Ease:  Life can already be difficult so why make it more so by installing materials that aren’t going to work with you? Tiles are super easy to clean and completely waterproof! Making them a quick and easy fix so you have more time to enjoy them!


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Durability: The longevity of tiles is just something most materials cannot compete with. Since tiles do not dent like hardwood can, we at Stiles  can guarantee that you will only receive the best high-quality tiles South Africa has to offer.  

Slip Resistance: Stiles offers a wide range of slip resistant tiles. Whether it’s an indoor-outdoor flow you’re looking for or an outdoor entertainment area, these tiles will keep you safe during your festivities! Less worrying means more fun having!

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Versatility: Ask yourself where you plan to put your tiles. Will it be near water or in a wet space? Stiles (www.stiles.co.za) suggests that good places to use tiles include kitchens, bathroom, mudrooms, covered porches and laundry rooms. Honestly, the list is endless.

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Aesthetic: We all love tiles for the multiple designs and aesthetics it has to offer. So, we suggest that you start with a colour palette. We suggest compiling references you are inspired by on social media or magazines. Aesthetics don’t have to stop there either, when choosing a tile, you can play with multiple grout colours too. It’s a great way to make your home feel more custom. You know what? We’ll make it even easier for you since we’ve curated multiple platforms for your brainstorming! Visit our Pinterest  and Instagram pages or our website for the best Stiles has to offer.


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