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Flooring Nov 26, 2022

Top Carpets and Floors: Pet-Friendly Flooring

Your furry friend may be more like one of the family, but they do often present their own challenges when it comes to choosing quality materials for the home. Pet-friendly floors are a must for pet owners, so if you’re considering your options, read on for some useful tips. 

What exactly is a pet-friendly floor? Before you invest in new flooring, ask yourself a few questions to make sure it is suitable for your furry friends.

1. Is the flooring resistant to scratches?

Scratching is a major concern for dog owners, so durable flooring options are needed. Scratch-resistant flooring options include hardwood floors, stone tile, laminate flooring, and luxury vinyl flooring. Check out the range of scratch-resistant flooring options at Top Carpets and Floors.

2. Is the flooring resistant to pet damage as well as wear and tear?

Scratches aren’t the only source of pet damage. Stains, mud, and moisture can also take a toll. This is especially true for hardwood flooring. If urine or moisture is your main concern, consider a line of waterproof products, such as luxury wood vinyl flooring or engineered hardwood flooring.

3. Will it be comfortable for my cat or dog?

Of course! Pets appreciate a soft landing just as much as their owners – especially pets that love to jump. Plush, flexible flooring materials like carpet and cork flooring offer more cushioning and support than hard flooring materials like tile or wood.

4. Does pet-proof flooring offer traction for my pet?

Both dogs and cats need traction, or the ability to “grip” the floor while they walk and run, to ensure they can safely navigate your home. Some types of flooring, like carpet, provide more traction than others.

5. What about managing stains or urine on your floors?

Urine can damage your floors in more ways than one, so it is important to get stain-resistant and moisture-resistant flooring. Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, luxury vinyl, laminate, and solid hardwood with a dense, durable coating to repel liquids can all do the trick!

Take care of your pets without the worry of damage to your floors. Invest in quality pet-proof flooring solutions to help give you peace of mind. Check out the full range of options available from Top Carpets and Floors and rest assured that every family member (even the four-legged ones) remain content!

Top Carpets and Floors.

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