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Flooring Mar 26, 2023

The Nguni Guy

Located in KwaZulu-Natal, The Nguni Guy is the place to go for cow and zebra hides, as well as leather bags, Nguni-hide accessories and sheepskin rugs.

The leading seller of ethically sourced, hand-selected, and professionally tanned genuine Nguni hides in South Africa, the store stocks a huge variety of game hides and sheepskins. In fact, there are around 350 hides to choose from at any given time, from brown and black hides to tricolour ones, so customers can be sure that they will find just the right hide for their home.

Here, the team shares 3 reasons why a Nguni hide makes the perfect addition to any decor scheme.

It’s beautiful

“One of the best reasons is also the simplest: they’re beautiful. In addition to their beauty, the natural shape of a cowhide rug cuts the floor in any room, introducing a visual dynamic that no other type of carpet can. The lines of a cowhide’s natural shape take care of one aspect of interior design: softening the hard lines, corners, and edges of any given space in your home.”

It is completely unique

“The unique nature of every cowhide (about as singular as a thumbprint!) and the vast array of styles and colors make for a beautiful addition to any style space. A second goal of interior design is introducing a unique, singularly impactful pattern, that marks the space as its own. Hides easily and naturally do this for almost any space they are in.”

It adds texture

“Another goal of interior design is to add a unique element of texture (or several!) to a space. With your cowhide purchase, you will be introducing an organic and unique texture to whatever space your hide is in.”

Convinced yet? Then don’t miss The Nguni Guy’s Easter Sale!


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