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Flooring Aug 17, 2020

Rugs & Such: How To Get A Boho Chic Style

We all love the vibrant tones, fresh and funky patterns, and mix of materials that permeate from an authentic Bohemian interior design scheme. It’s bright and happy and what is there not to love! If you want to achieve a similar look in your own space, here we share a few ideas to incorporate at home to create a Boho chic interior.

Don’t be Afraid of Colour

There is no space for  minimalist design in a Boho room. Quite the opposite, you’ll need to embrace the power of colour and a mix of different shades to achieve the look. Start with a base colour for your room and choose a palette of vibrant shades to complement this. Bring it in through your choice of decor and accessories – from the bed linen in your bedroom to your choice of patterned rug for an added burst of colour and design.

There are no rules when it comes to bohemian decorating, yet warm earthy colours are quite common, as are metallics. Think brown, terra cotta, gold and other colours in that family. Jewel tones like saturated purple, fiery orange and electric blue often make appearances in accessories like tapestries and art. The key is to use only warm colours that emit a sense of depth.

A Play on Patterns

If you love bold, bright prints, now is the time to experiment with your favourites. We love that Boho-chic design adds a quirky mix of patterns to the design of your room. Bring a blend of patterns in through your scatters and curtains and even your upholstery. A great way to embrace bright patterns and tie this into your room is through your choice of rug. Pick out matching tones from your rug and allow these to surface through other accents in the room.

Old and New

Boho chic is a celebration of old-world charm and new, modern pieces. This is the time to let your heirlooms shine but add a contemporary twist with new furniture items for a modern touch. Go for a playful mix of materials to achieve the desired effect. We love the use of wooden tones with mirrors, greenery and even plush textiles underfoot in this beautiful Boho-inspired bedroom featured below…

We love layers

Boho-chic design celebrates depth, richness and a layered look. Stay away from bland or minimalist pieces. Instead choose layered textures and textiles with furniture that tells a story. We love pieces that communicate authenticity and craftsmanship – many Boho-chic furniture items come from nations where craftsmanship has been passed down through the generations.

How can you achieve a layered look?

  • Layer throws and colourful blankets over your couch or bed for added texture.
  • Incorporate a clever mix of accent pieces with layered materials, colours and textures.
  • Layer the flooring. We love the use of multiple rugs with varying designs and textures for added appeal.
  • Break the rules of design with a Boho interior. Read our article here for more inspo.

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