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Flooring Jun 4, 2020

Rugs & Such: How A Simple Rug Can Elevate A Room

If your room feels incomplete or lacking that sophisticated edge that you see in the magazines, then perhaps it is time to think about your soft furnishings and add some elegance. Today we are talking all things ‘rugs’ and how one simple piece of flooring can elevate an entire room.


Rugs are a wonderful way to bring balance and tone to a colour scheme. Choose a bold hue to bring life and contrast to a simple design or go for a mix of tones and textures to tie into the decor and accents of your room. Your rug can also be used as a starting point for a colour trend in your interior. Ask yourself the questions: What colours stand out in your chosen rug? What colours will tie in with the rest of the room? How can I use my rug as a focal point to balance the colours in my home or office?


A room without texture is a room without soul. Texture is that one thing that draws us in, creates a homely, comfy environment and an ambience we can’t get enough of. Nobody likes a sterile, cold and unwelcoming interior. This is where a rug comes in. A plush rug has the power to introduce a whole new world of texture and aesthetic quality to a space. Choose among woven varieties, fibres, wooly rugs or more to achieve the textural appeal you are after.


If your room doesn’t quite feel right – almost as if something in your design is amiss – you may want to take a hard look at your floors. A quality rug can add a sense of richness and depth to a design to make a room feel more ‘put-together’ and in balance. This sense of depth often comes with layering of textiles and a rug is most certainly one of the easiest, and more inexpensive ways to achieve a refined look.

Simple but effective, rugs can be used in any room. Shop the latest designs, shapes and styles at Rugs and Such. They make finding the right rug easy with 5 simple steps to help you… Simply pop online at Rugs and Such and do the following:

1. Select the ‘Shape’ of the Rug you require.
2. Filter by ‘Select Range’ Name if you have seen any Rug of choice Online or…
3. Filter by ‘Select Colour’, and then by ‘With Shades of’ for the best colour selections.
4. Filtering by ‘Style’ can further assist you to find your Perfect Rug.
5. Other Filters include: ‘Pile Height’; Yarn Selection’; ‘Custom Design Studio’; ‘Select Price’; ‘Select Size’; ‘Select Vendor’.

For more visit Rugs and Such.

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