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Flooring Oct 1, 2020

Rugs & Such: 8 Designer Tips For Decorating With Rugs

 Top designers know that the right rug can add balance and tone to any given room. That’s why we’ve asked the experts to share some designer rug tips to help us achieve a high-end look at home. Here are 8 easy tips for decorating with rugs that you can apply today.

Where do you begin?


Shopping for the perfect rug can be daunting. Start with a palette of colours you already have in mind in your room. If possible, take swatches or a mood board along with you when shopping for the right rug. Keep these colours and textures in mind when seeking out the right flooring solution to round off your space.

Start with the end in mind

Easier said than done, right! But simple planning can go a long way. Start by visualising your completed space before you buy added finishing touches. What style are you going for? Scandi, boho, minimalist, eclectic? Let this guide your choice in soft furnishings.

The illusion of space

We all need more space, right? Especially in tiny rooms with little light flow. In a smaller room, opt for lighter rug options that will make your space feel bigger. Darker, deeper shades will add warmth while lighter options brighten and open up a room. Find out how:  How A Simple Rug Can Elevate A Room.

Can a rug be too big?

Well, yes of course. In the same way that a tiny rug can feel out of place in a room, a rug that is too big can overpower the space and throw out the balance of your design. Measure up and be sure to purchase the right size to fit the space.

Durability matters

The right rug is an investment and needs to stand up well underfoot. In high traffic areas, always choose quality rug solutions that will perform well. The denser the pile (with closer tufts or stitches), the better your area rug will wear.  Feel free to contact  Rugs and Such for further assistance

Easy to clean

If you’re looking for low-maintenance flooring, then choose a rug that can easily be cleaned. According to the experts, synthetic yarns like polyester, nylon, polyester or even polypropylene – and all the naturals – think wool and cotton – are soft and easy to clean. Great low maintenance options for a family home.

Shift and shape

You don’t need to go with the most obvious shape of rug. Yes, rectangular rugs are most popular as these echo the shape of rooms, but modern rugs are available in a host of sizes and shapes and can bring constrast and interest to your space. We love circular, octagonal or even square floor rugs to spice up a room.

What’s under your rug?

Yes, it certainly is exciting to make that rug purchase, but remember to consider what goes under the rug. An underlay is important as it will help to reduce impact on your floors, but can also help to limit noise as well as wear and tear on your rug.

Now that you have all the info you need to make a more informed choice, go out and feel confident about your rug purchasing power! Rugs & Such offers a wide selection in various shapes, colours and sizes. We love the versatility of their designs – and we’re sure you’ll be able to pick out the perfect one for your home too!

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