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Maison & Objet: What’s New?

At the “WHAT’S NEW?” spaces within the Maison & Objet fair the latest trends came to life through the subtle, inspiring, and diverse selection of new products by the trend analysts.

“A desire to experiment in newer, more distinctive and emerging creative directions.” Confronted with stereotypical mass decoration trends, François Bernard showcases something that stands apart.

Art Living highlighted the importance of artistic influences as a way of creating elegance and uniqueness by exploring three aspects of the trend: Modern Living, inspired by 20th century functionalism and the colours of Mondrian and Malevich; Sculptural Living, influenced by animist art; and finally Soft Living, tinged with Japanese spirituality.

This is what Francois had to say about the various trends on display…

What story does Living tell?
As part of a particularly rich and diverse offer of clearly stated trends at the fair, I made the choice and had the desire to explore somewhat newer, more unique, emerging areas in creative design.

What type of environment does this take place in?
It takes place over three spaces. Modern living is inspired by notable recent exhibitions on the birth of abstraction, Malevitch’s Suprematism, on through Mondrian, Cubism, etc. In certain objects – paper goods, textiles, occasional furniture, rugs – we see a desire for a rather simple geometry tied to these schools of thought. Sculptural living offers handmade pieces that are sculpted, shaped, unique, and different. It’s just as much about a sideboard with doors in bas-relief as it is a throw woven with ultra-thick fringe. Soft living combines gentle colors, natural materials, a certain concept of comfort, and highly technological objects with rounded shapes. It’s a follow-up to Scandinavian style tinged with a Japanese spirit.

What trends do you see emerging or being confirmed?
Spaces are reflecting three major shape repertoires: geometrics, round and soft, and random. References to Mondrian elicit color. But deep reds and “mustard” yellows are moving away from this painter’s primary colors.

What would you say are two iconic products at Living?
A bench by Ingrid Sol Leccia for Sculptural Living. And a sofa or an armchair in soft shades and gentle forms from HK living for Soft Living.

For the September 2019 edition, Share, the space by François Delclaux, explored the extremes of style. Elizabeth Leriche, at Care, displayed a tactile textile selection. Living by François Bernard also provided us with some ideas on how to reaffirm our uniqueness.

And finally, for this season, Chantal Hamaide demonstrated, through WORK!, the nascent hybridization of work, home, and…objects.

It’s the trendsetting fair of the season. Discover all the latest trends from Maison & Objet.

Maison & Objet.

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