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Wallpaper Inn: Wood Panel Wallpaper for Warmth and Depth

A wood paneled wall brings warmth and detail to any room. However, the task of installing these is costly and labour intensive. Luckily, you can get the texture and depth of wood paneling, at a fraction of the price, plus, there are no ledges for dust to collect on, which takes the hassle out of cleaning too. Wallpaper wood paneling has arrived! Read on for the scoop on the latest colour options.

Bringing in a wood panel print doesn’t mean you have to forgo your minimalist aesthetic. In fact, dove wood panel wallpaper from Wallpaper Inn might just be the perfect match for your pared-down colour palette. To us, minimal means including only the details you absolutely love. Putting thought into all the details makes all the difference!


Grey and green:

This is a match made in wallpaper heaven! If you’re reluctant to add too much detail to your walls, grey wood panelling might be just the happy medium you’re looking for. A stylish and simple print to help create that ‘finished look’ in your space.


An undisputed classic in the world of decor, we couldn’t resist including navy in our top choice of wall panelling options from Wallpaper Inn. A strong accent wall that somehow manages to be moody and peaceful at once, this colour suits a neutral space just as well as a jewel-toned, gold-accented room.


A fresh take on a traditional decor technique, another great choice of wood panel wallpaper is a subtle shade of sage. If you’re looking to bring a touch of tradition to a contemporary space, this is the colour for you. A pop of colour, pulled from nature, to pair with your neutral colour palette as you build a sanctuary of calm in your home.

Wallpaper Inn is proud to bring traditional styles of decor into contemporary homes, with colour, detail, and style.

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