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Nature-Inspired Wallpaper Set To Become An Iconic Trend In 2021

Research conducted by wallpaper design brand I Want Wallpaper has found that nature-inspired wallpaper searches have surged in lockdown and continue to trend in 2021. 

Holden decor congo bold glasshouse tropical jungle butterfly snake pink wallpaper

  • Searches for ‘Floral Wallpaper’ have risen by 462.5%. 
  • ‘Botanical Wallpaper’ shot up by 400%, 
  • ‘Plant Wallpaper’ increased by 265%
  • ‘Nature Wallpaper’ also shows a 138% increase. 

We hear from Alex Whitecroft, Head of Design at I Want Wallpaper to weigh in on the results and to provide some key tips for people who want to add a touch of nature to their interior design.

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we often underestimate how important nature is for our mental health and wellbeing. We’re all looking for ways to incorporate there are ways to add a natural touch to our homes. A space with a good visual connection to nature can be calming, help improve our mood and have a positive impact on our well-being”.

grandeco botanical tropical leaves pattern blue tree leaf textured motif wallpaper

She shared a few key tips with us: 

Consider your Theme

“The term ‘nature-inspired wallpaper’ might sound niche – it’s anything but. There are so many themes and styles to choose from, so it’s important to really consider what elements of nature you want to incorporate into your interior design and how you can use the space you have to your advantage.

It’s important to remember that it’s not just greenery – colour pallets in nature are beautifully diverse, and can vary wildly. Floral designs traditionally incorporate soft colours, from delicate pinks and yellows to subtle purples. In contrast, tropical or jungle designs are brought to life by vibrant and striking shades of blues, greens, red and oranges, depending on which part of the world you’re drawing your inspiration from.”

Compliment Natural Lighting

“Unlike solid colours, dynamic wallpaper themes and designs can interact beautifully with natural lighting, whether it’s from breathing life into vibrant colours or bringing out distinct details in your theme. Indeed, natural lighting has always been at the heart of nature-inspired design, so it should be at the heart of your own design choices as well. Always look at where natural light enters the room, and take into account the time of day – it can really help make an impact on your style choice.”

holden decor congo bold glasshouse tropical jungle butterfly snake black wallpaper

Meaning is Everything

“Plant’s aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they’re also rich in symbolism. Each plant has its own meaning and unique set of characteristics, and surrounding yourself with those that represent things you want or value can really help to create a positive environment in your home. Ferns, for example, represent new life and new beginnings, as well as family and hope for future generations – a perfect decorating choice for new home-owners and those looking to start a family.”

Grandeco calathea-teal palm tree jungle-inspired wallpaper

Blend Different Styles

“Bringing nature into your interior design choices doesn’t mean you have to avoid other visual styles – sometimes they can go hand in hand, complimenting each other in ways you might not have considered before. Wallpaper that blends the decadent art deco style with naturally vibrant plants and wildlife for example, is a great way to add a natural touch to your home with a classic, vintage edge. In fact one of the key benefits this type of stylistic cross over is that it gives you endless possibilities without sacrificing the natural feel you’re looking for.”

rasch tropical exotic parrot wallpaper junglebbird palm leaf-green-cream

Brighten up the Kid’s Room

“One of the most interesting things we noticed is that it’s not just adults that want to bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors, it’s kids too. Inquiries for cool nature–inspired ideas for kid’s rooms jumped significantly in 2020, and hasn’t stopped since. Indeed, a recent survey has shown, 2020 has completely changed how the next generation thinks and interacts with nature. Bringing a little touch of nature into the home is a small but meaningful way to help kids feel more connected to the natural world.”

Add a Mural or Accent Wall to Change Things up

“If wall to wall coverage isn’t your style, but you still want to add a natural touch, consider adding a mural or accent wall for a bit of decorative flair. They can help draw attention to a specific part of your room, and create a certain vibe, which makes them a great choice if you want to make nature the centre of your interior design. Murals are wonderfully dynamic and themes can range from deep amazon rainforests to beautiful british woodland, so the possibilities are truly endless.”

For more information visit  www.iwantwallpaper.co.uk.


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