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Design Syndicate Presents New Geometric Wallcoverings

Give every room a focal point with gorgeous geometric wallcovering designs. Design Syndicate presents a fabulous range from Muraspec with striking triangle and diamond-themed prints. What’s more is that the collection boasts a subtle silky lustre, ensuring the colourful designs make a lasting and tactile impact.  

Before we take a look at the collection, let’s explore the many uses of geometric wallcoverings in a room. Let this inspire your next project…

How to use geometric wallpaper:

Accent Wall: Choose one wall as an accent and cover it with geometric wallpaper to create a focal point in the room.

Complementing Colours: Select geometric patterns that complement the existing colour scheme of the room, tying the whole design together.

Balance with Solid Colours: Pair the geometric wallpaper with solid-coloured walls or furniture to maintain balance and prevent visual overwhelm.

Ceiling Treatment: Consider using geometric wallpaper on the ceiling for a unique and unexpected design element.

Coordinate with Lighting: Ensure that the room’s lighting complements the wallpaper, accentuating its patterns and textures.

Texture and Material: Opt for textured geometric wallpaper to add depth and dimension to the walls, creating a tactile and visually appealing space.

Choose from the selection which includes Trilogy, Cosmia, Water Bloom, Symmetry, Gilded and Insignia.


Bring colour and pattern onto your walls with this modern geometric wallcovering. This will make a wonderful feature wall in any room! Available in 4 colours.


This delicate and beautiful print, simulating a hand-crocheted lace has a luxurious metallic background, available in several rich colours that display calm radiance. The pattern cleverly captures the intricacy of the lace design and exudes real presence on the wall. Available in 8 colours.


Bring the freshness of large botanical prints into your interior scheme. This captivating floral wallcovering which has a hand-painted beautiful watercolour style is partnered with a gorgeous horizontal silk texture. Available in 5 colours.



Introduce some real visual glamour and style to your walls by using the Gilded wallcovering. Emulating the natural and organic beauty of wood veneer through print detail, this contemporary geometric inlay pattern oozes depth, colour, and texture. Available in 6 colours.


With a large chevron pattern over a rich textile etched background, Insignia is a design that is timeless. A great way to style your walls and create bold visual impact. Available in 4 colours.

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