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United Wallcoverings: 2022 Trends For Your Walls

Choose among delicate florals and delicious greenery, rocking retro and vintage wallpaper designs. These are just some of the exciting wallpaper trends we can expect for 2022 to bring life and colour to our walls. 

Beautiful walls are decorated, never bare and wallpaper is the perfect way to do this. Whatever you want to convey, there is a wallpaper to express it.

Create a feature wall, a sophisticated backdrop or a work of art. United Wallcoverings subsequently have thousands of colours, textures and patterns for you to choose from.

Here are some of the exciting new trends we are looking forward to in 2022 and beyond…

Delicious Green

Greenery is a breath of fresh air – in nature and inside our favourite spaces. Bring a fresh, inspired look to your interior with delicious green prints and colours. From mouth-watering olive and sage green wallpapers to grounding mossy green shades that bring you back down to earth. This trend is thus all about connecting us to nature and welcoming the outdoors in!

Rocking retro wallpaper

An ode to eras past, rocking retro wallpaper designs are making a comeback. Think loud, proud patterns in bright funky tones. It is therefore a little whimsical, a little nostalgic. These trends call for large patterned prints and fun geometric designs. It makes us think of the disco era or the crazy colours of the 70s! Retro is therefore by far one of the coolest styles to grace your walls this season!


Delicate Floral

Whimsical and charming, delicate floral prints are beautifully soft and feminine. It’s about simplicity and calm with delicate prints that welcome nature and the elements in your space. Intricate florals thus bring colour and rich natural tones to your space. It’s also a perfect accompaniment to a cottage interior where comfort, colour and style subsequently work together.

Chinoiserie wallpaper

Bring a touch of elegant oriental flavour to your interior with Chinoiserie wallpaper. This style is subsequently all about embracing the beauty of Chinese and other East Asian artistic traditions. Many of the designs are filled with curling vines and depictions of Asian country life. Expect an abundance of outdoor life with delicate blossoms, oriental florals and more.


Vintage Wallpaper

From a bygone era, vintage wallpaper brings depth and texture to your walls. This nostalgic wallpaper trend thus depicts life in seasons past. It’s about old-world charm with ancient traditions and cultures. A way to immortalise these eras is therefore, through beautifully illustrated images on wallpaper.

Find your perfect print at United Wallcoverings. Here, highly trained agents have an eye for detail and extensive interior design experience: they can assist with the selection of wallpapers for any project.

Furthermore, find your style and visit United Wallcoverings.

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