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Eshanima Fabrics: Design A Healthy Environment

We have all gone through phases of our acknowledging the new reality we’re living in and how it’s impacted our daily lives. In many ways we are forced to re-envision our futures, and that includes our direct environments. How do we safeguard our family, friends, workers and colleagues at home and in the office? How do we get ahead of the curve?

Vescom 2018

Eshanima has for many years supplied specialised fabrics, wall covering and curtains for high risk and high traffic areas. These include hospitals, hotels, schools, offices and private homes. Currently, and going into the future, the demand for hygienic interior options will only become bigger.

They have various imported collections. Drapilux’s Bioaktiv textiles are 99% effective in reducing bacterial contamination. The Vescom Protect range of vinyl wall coverings protects against dirt, chemicals and bacteria. You can also just stick to the standard collections of vinyl wall coverings, as they are easy to disinfect, clean and maintain.

All these products have been vigilantly tested and are certified for the functionality they provide. They also present as the perfect partnership between function and beauty and are on-trend in terms of design and colourways. Who said a safe interior must be boring!

As we head towards a future that is not as clear-cut as we once thought it was, let’s measure what we have control over. We are still able to create environments that are pleasing, stimulating, beautiful and safe.

Eshanima is back at work with all the safety protocols in place. You can either pop around to the studio in Woodstock, or set up an online meeting to chat and view samples.

Think safety, think hygiene.

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