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Enrich your world of possibilities by indulging in luxurious interior design.

Inviting liveable décor spaces are effortlessly created by applying the right blend of texture and layering to achieve a well-curated beautiful living space.


Embarking on the journey of decorating your home can be a delightful and artistic endeavour. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to refresh your current décor, Silk House can assist you on this journey to creating a cost-effective trendy living space by pairing quality curtains and upholstery fabrics with trendy wallpapers and rugs.

Begin by thinking about your style preferences. Would you prefer a modern look, a cosy vibe, or something uniquely different? Putting together a mood board with your choices of colour schemes, textures and furnishings will surely get your creative juices flowing.


Silk House offers a variety of fabrics that can be used for curtains, upholstery and even accessories like cushions and lampshades. With a multitude of colours, patterns and textures, you can conceal your windows with curtaining options such as sheers and blackouts, and upholster an armchair or ottoman to compliment these fabric choices. Options of outdoor fabric are also available if you require durability for a coastal home or poolside.

Choosing the right wallpaper type and design is also essential to ensure it suits your specific style preferences. Wallpapers offer several benefits that make them a popular choice to add to your interior design project. With a great selection of designs and colours in a multitude of textures and techniques from foiling and paint effects to embroidered 3D detailing, Silk House offers a high-quality range of durable wallpapers that is easy to maintain.

Add to the aesthetics of your living space with a luxurious rug. Silk House rugs add warmth and comfort to a room, making it cosier and inviting, utilising only the finest materials that guarantee an extended lifespan. Rugs can also be used to define specific areas within an open-plan space or focal points within a room.


When selecting fabrics, wallpaper, and rugs for your home, it’s important to ensure they complement your overall vision for the space while providing both style and functionality. With careful consideration and maintenance, these elements can elevate the aesthetic and comfort of your living space, resulting in a personalised and beautiful environment.

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