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Embark on a Journey Through Time: The Rockstream Collection from Eshanima Fabrics

Embark on a delightful journey down memory lane as we unravel the origins of the cherished Rockstream Collection. It all began when Eshanima, once solely a provider of curtain linings, ventured into the realm of fabrics, birthing what we now know as the Rockstream Collection. This marked the brand’s inaugural step into the textile world.

The term “Rockstream” finds its roots in German, originating from “Steinbach.” Coined by esteemed company founder, Hans Steinbach, it injected a heritage-laden significance into the collection from its inception.


Over the years, the Rockstream Collection has shape-shifted, becoming a pivotal resource for designers and decorators. While classics like total blockout and polycotton lining endure, others gracefully exit the stage, adapting to shifting trends and technological advancements.

In the latest rendition, sustainability takes precedence, with the collection crafted through an eco-conscious lens. Encased in sleek grey rPET felt, the latest Rockstream lineup offers a diverse range tailored for modern living.


Highlighting the latest offering, 100% cotton yarn dyed ticking stripes, textured sheers, and the innovative Delitherm fabrics— make for a versatile, energy-efficient solution for all seasons.

In the realm of blockout options, the collection leaves no stone unturned. From the easy-care InstaBloc to the reliable Loomlite Total Blockout and vibrant Orbit, there’s a choice for every preference.


One standout is the Loomlite 1 Pass, seamlessly blending softness, ease of care, and subtle light infusion while maintaining fabric protection—a modern replacement for traditional sateen.

Reflecting on the Rockstream journey, we reaffirm our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Each iteration elevates fabric excellence while honoring our rich heritage.


Join us in celebrating this timeless legacy and discover the enduring elegance of the Rockstream Collection firsthand.

Contact: Eshanima Fabrics and Wall Coverings.

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