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Mindful Interiors From Vescom and Eshanima

Recycled vinyl wall covering is Eshanima’s latest offering from their imported Vescom wall covering collection and in line with their strategy to move towards more eco-friendly interiors.

The benefits of vinyl wall covering, such as its superior durability, longevity, strength and hygienic qualities, have long been lauded in the contract interior business. Take this a step further by factoring in measures to improve the materials’ environmental impact and you have an industry innovation. By blending waste generated during production processes, Vescom created three beautiful and sustainable matte vinyl wall covering ranges. 

The Fibras, Moon and Dunas ranges were designed with the environment in mind and their textures, structures and colours reflect nature and its endless variations.

The Moon Range

The Moon range is boldly expressive with an organically irregular surface that alludes to volcanic rocks, baked clay, sandstone and slate. Its name is derived from the subtle glow of golden and coppery tones, which reminds one of the light reflected by the moon. Made from 13% recycled material, the Moon range comes in nine lunar inspired tones.


Next up is Dunas. This range reflects the traces left by nature’s unending cycles. Dunas’ tactile matt grain and gentle palette hint at wood cuttings and wavelike patterns in sand. It comes in 14 colourways that range from fresh neutrals to sandy greys.


The Fibras range is partly made up from shredded waste material and its previous life cycle is visible in its pressed look and subtle multi-dimensional colour display. Ranging from dusty neutrals to smoky pink, stony blue and mossy green, each of the dominant 15 colours comprises of numerous other colours – giving it added depth and allowing it to be paired with various palettes.

Given the longevity of vinyl wall covering, opting for an eco-friendlier form of it should be a priority for the interior design industry. The added bonus is that this recycled collection is very easy on the eye and brings the beauty, textures and palettes of nature seamlessly into interior spaces.




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