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Imagenius Interiors: African Symbols Come To Life In New Tableware Range

In these strange times, we look for MEANING in our lives, our relationships, our spaces. We have all been forced to jump off the treadmill and stop…and think! We have especially come to value the people we care about. We should add meaning to our lives wherever we can.

Jacqui Hunter from Imagenius Interiors shares a great love for African symbols and she loves to use them in her interior and hospitality consulting work. Here, Jacqui shares a little bit more about these symbols and how they add meaning to our everyday lives.

Akan – Deep Truths In Visual Form

Akan is a language that is spoken by many West African people, particularly in Ghana. People through these regions have used visual symbols to represent parables and to communicate for centuries. They communicate deep truths in visual form. There are 52 Adinkra symbols. Imagenius Interiors selected six of these that are most relevant in our lives and used them to adorn a new range of tableware.

This tableware is made from natural pure linen, measures 50 x 50cm and each has a symbol embroidered in four colourways – yellow representing the sun, charcoal – the earth, teal – the water and silver – the moon. Each purchase comes with a printed card with the meanings of the symbols. Each delivers a special message – given as a gift or to guests at your table.

Linen tableware has long been an heirloom, a part of a bride’s Trousseau, a wedding gift. Like all precious things, they must be well taken care of and they will last to hand down to others. The gift that keeps on giving!

Particularly in this month of LOVE, this is the perfect gift to a loved one. The Imagenius Interiors’ team will happily gift wrap it for you and add a card. Email your request and special message to sales@imagenius.co.za. Purchase online www.imageniusonline.co.za

They will arrange delivery (free within SA) all over the world.

Find out more about some of the most recent projects completed by Imagenius. You can read our article on how the team breathed new life into a Stellenbosch home; and how they masterfully reimagined the Tsala Treetop Lodge.

For meaningful living and giving.

For more visit Imagenius.

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