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Elevate Your Home with Timeless Prints From Eshanima

Traditional furniture design, renowned for its elegance and timeless appeal, continues to captivate interior enthusiasts. A pivotal element in achieving this aesthetic is the use of upholstery fabrics, and today, classic textiles are being reimagined to suit contemporary tastes while preserving their traditional charm.

For those seeking to infuse their homes with a touch of classic sophistication, Eshanima’s Toptextil import classics are the perfect solution. The collection features iconic prints like Bombay, Lilly, and Lea, which combine traditional allure with exceptional quality and elegance.


Colorways: 9 Material: 100% Polyester Width: 145 cm Rub Count: 12,000 Special Feature: Flame retardant

Lilly Collection.


Colorways: 5 Material: 100% Polyester Width: 145 cm Rub Count: 40,000

Lea Collection.


Colorways: 5 Material: 100% Polyester Width: 145 cm Rub Count: 60,000 Special Feature: Flame retardant

These exquisite fabrics are perfect for those who wish to elevate their interiors with a traditional yet modern touch. The intricate patterns and high-quality materials ensure that these fabrics not only look stunning but also stand the test of time.

To complement these imported classics, consider our local Eshanima heritage velvets, which are a staple among our clients. These luxurious velvets come in an impressive palette of 50 colours, serving dual purposes offering both style and durability with a 50 000 rub count suitable for upholstery, curtaining, scatters and accesories.

By blending these sophisticated fabrics, you can create interiors that exude traditional elegance redefined for the modern era. Whether you opt for the intricate designs of our imported collections or the rich textures of heritage velvets, Eshanima offers the perfect fabrics to transform your living spaces. Embrace the timeless appeal of traditional styles with a contemporary twist, and elevate your home interiors to new heights.

Contact uEshanima on 021 447 2187 or Email for inquiries and sample requests.
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