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Bright and Bold Ethnic Prints with Tessa Sonik

We often call on Tessa Sonik of Tessa Sonik Fabrics for inspiration and the latest in trends talks both nationally and internationally. She gave us her take on bold, ethnic style prints and how to use them in your interiors.

A keen eye for spotting trends and sourcing quality fabrics the world over, Tessa Sonik is the go-to for trend talks and in-depth industry knowledge. We spoke to her about the popular ‘ethnic’ trend that celebrates bold patterns an rich textures.

What differentiates ethnic prints and patterns from paisley/damask/floral prints? Firstly, we need to define ‘ethnic’. My understanding of ethnicity is informed by the following definition;

  • Group of people with a common national or cultural tradition which could be in any part of the world .
  • The more common distinction is in Asian/Eastern, African, Aztec, Apache and Aborigines as they are so remote from the western word. Thus, we look to these groups for inspiration of Ethnic ideas .

In terms of fabrics and prints, Ethnic prints are more authentic in that there is a greater sense of naturalness and naivety whereas paisleys are in fact designs from Kashmiri region (in India) and damasks derive from Damascus  florals  from Latin Europe. While these are still considered ethnic, they are Western in origin.

How would you define “ethnic chic” ‘Ethnic Chic’ is when you put modern or classic furniture together with Ethnic elements, be it fabric, rugs, pots or accessories.

How should one incorporate ethnic patterning and colour into your interiors without overdoing it? Ethnic pieces are very strong and can therefore hold  the room on their own. I would suggest keeping the shell neutral, simple and less fussy in order to give the piece pride of place. I do, however, enjoy the look of a paisley cushion with a African designed fabric and some other raw textures all in same colour palette.

Which colour palettes would you associate with the tribal/ethnic print? I am comfortable with a vast colour palette but not too many colours in a single room. Stick to  similar colours and tones to give you the most effective look.

Which range/collection encompasses this trend at Tessa Sonik Fabrics? I create all my collections to have variety of ethnic fabric designs as they seem to work with any theme that we create.

Which themes work well with this look in interiors? I love to add something Ethnic in all my interiors as they give the space a sense of Rawness and Authenticity. Get the look with Tessa Sonik:

LEFT: TOP to BOTTOM: Ice Stone, Cobolt Lime, Acid Rose and RIGHT: TOP to BOTTOM: Wood Ash and Coral Rose

LEFT: Top: Stone Wash Bottom: Cranberry  and RIGHT Top: Citrus  Bottom: Deco Rose

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