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Andrea Brand Design: The Heritage of Ancient Print Methods

The heritage of ancient print methods in contemporary designs

We find ourselves in a time where many of the tools we use to keep us connected have ultimately led to a personal sense of separation. The counter action to this is a return to practises that recover the depth of real interconnectedness with others – a place where we can create meaning and have a sense of belonging. In these times the artist is called upon to re-sanctify and re-introduce the contextual relationship between things through accessing their origins and reconnecting them.

Heritage pink floor cusions & throw & cushions

The ancient practise of ritual, even in its simplest form, creates a sense of connection, celebration, and gratitude. In many cultures’ history traditional cloth was used in sacred rituals as an object of beauty to help evoke health, wealth, happiness and a sense of connectedness to nature, the self and the tribe.

Part of the inspiration behind the Living Ritual collection from Andrea Brand Design is that we need to remember the ancient ways and emerge ourselves in nature to feel connected again.

Andrea explains, “While I was creating the collection I was reminded of other global cloth traditions and when designing the Heritage range in the collection, I specifically used the ancient Indian block-print method. Through the process of creating the designs I brought these traditional cloth printing methods into a contemporary context and design. There was a merging with what already exists in cultural heritages other than my own.”

Heritage orange & blue.

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