St Leger & Viney: 6 areas of your home that could do with some wallpaper

St Leger & Viney have introduced a brand new collection from Rebel Walls called ‘Home’. This collection contains 30 wall murals for 6 areas of your space that make selecting your wallpaper that much easier. Let Rebel Walls introduce you to your new home…

“A wall mural can change the character in the entire room. We wanted to show this in an easy way. We have selected the most common spaces in the home where we show five wallpaper per area. We want to demonstrate how much difference a wall mural can bring, to give a room new energy.” says Irene Gimmersta, CD, Rebel Walls. How true this is.

Enter Your entrance hall or foyer is the place where friends are welcomed and bid farewell. This is the first area you greet on the way in and out. We can all relate to the magical feeling of arriving home after a long day, the anticipation of relaxation ahead, the friendly greeting of a beloved pet. Make the doorway to first impressions count. We love the textured feel of this collection, a testament to rustic charm and romance:

Eat Ah, the kitchen. The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. This is where people come together to eat, share and celebrate togetherness. Of all the rooms in the home, the kitchen is probably the most frequented space and deserves the honour of being made beautiful. The same can be said for the dining area. This collection talks to the latest kitchen decor trends, intricate mosaics, botanicals, exposed brick for an industrial feel, herringbone subway tiles, marvelous marble and tarnished elegance:

Relax This is the part of our busy days that we enjoy the most. Kick off your shoes, grab a great book and snuggle up on the couch in the living room for a serene bout of happy memories. You can expect a blend of feminine wall murals, soft pinks, pretty flowers and misty mountains. This is all about the tranquility of nature, dramatic landscapes and personal retreats:

Play You’re never too old to bring out your inner child and this collection is sure to do just that. Perfect for a rec room that brings out your playful nature, or a beautiful addition to your child’s room or nursery. From quirky characters to whimsical dreamscapes, add a bit of flair to your play time:

Work Think outside the box and be inspired during in your home office. Whether you work from home or simply want to work on your projects, a stunning wallpaper breaks the tedium of long hours of concentration and increases productivity. Corrugated iron, cement-look walls speak to industry and genius. Or jungle-inspired murals provide that little mental escape you may need:

Sleep The need for a great night’s sleep cannot be overstated. “The sanctuary of the soul,” Rebel Walls describes the bedroom. Serene, inviting and deeply soothing, the bedroom is for imagination, rest and big dreams. We love the raw quality of these murals, with whimsical elements:

Make your home your own with these well thought out collections, giving you inspiration and ideas for each area.

To enjoy these wonderful murals, visit St Leger & Viney for more information. 


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