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Future Thinkers at Ambiente 2020

The Future Thinkers are not simply students at the Fontys University of Applied Science in the Netherlands. They are above all professional trendwatchers. As before, they will be sharing their knowledge with trade visitors at Ambiente 2020 in Frankfurt. Being in touch with the latest trends, they will be presenting innovative designs for the coming season.

The subject the Future Thinkers are studying at their university is called Trend Research & Concept Creation in Lifestyle. Year on year, since 2012, Ambiente has given them a platform where they can apply their academic knowledge in practice. In 2020 there are five students on this project. During the run-up to Ambiente they are currently researching trends in society, which they will illustrate through products exhibited at the trade fair. The Future Thinkers will then be presenting their research results in the form of guided Trend Tours

“The world is changing at a rapid speed – but where is it heading? As students of Trend Research & Concept Creation in Lifestyle at the Fontys University of Applied Science in Tilburg, we are investigating the underlying values of products, ideas and services. After all, whenever new insights prompt people to move along new paths, they are a starting point for the development of useful products and services that improve our quality of life. So do please take part in a Trend Tour at Ambiente. It’ll give you an idea of the future which you can then apply to your business,” says Eliza Anna Theresa Aalbers, who coordinates this project for her university.

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Whereas in previous years the young trend researchers also looked at the Dining section, this year’s tours will focus exclusively on the Living segment. The students will be taking groups through Hall 8.0, which has particularly high-quality and versatile home accessories on show. In addition, the Future Thinkers will be showcasing this year’s ideas at a stand in the foyer of Hall 9.0. This will be the starting point of their Trend Tours and also the place where they will present their Trendbook 2020, a summary of their research.

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The Trend Tours will be held daily at 12:30 hrs, 14:00 hrs and 15:30 hrs, from the Saturday until the Tuesday (8 to 11 February 2020). Bookings can be made online or in person at the Future Thinkers’ stand in the foyer of Hall 9.0.

Fontys University of Applied Sciences has around 40,000 students and is one of the biggest institutes of higher education in the Netherlands. It is one of just a few universities in the world where students can take a Trendwatching module as part of a course in International Lifestyle Studies.

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