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Wanda Michelle Hadlow: Waterfall Country Estate

Who says country living must be rough living? This turnkey project answers that question in a most definitive way.

Soothing tones and crisp lines capture the essence of the outdoors while retaining an air of sophistication and the comfort these owners deserve. In fact, this estate is about exquisite living with an elegant country feeling achieved through attention to three main areas.

Elements of nature

The first is to bring natural elements, such as wood and stone, into the house helping to achieve the sense of a country lifestyle. We find wooden slats and beams everywhere in the home from sliding panels and doors to shelves and countertops, and even in the ceilings. Outdoors, this continues on the wooden deck and the slatted furniture. Dining tables, too, are of thick lumber or beams matched with wooden designer chairs.

Then there are the numerous stone fireplaces which warm the home literally and aesthetically. Some are more subtle features, while the main fireplace is a dominant tapestry of stone.

All serve to remind us of the strong, simple beauty of the rock upon which we build.

Colour that Calms

This natural aesthetic is brought into the palette of the home. Colours of earth and stone predominate in the fabrics, furniture and accessories. The walls also reflect these muted tones, and all of this is designed to induce the calm, unhurried feel of life away from the city.

Occasionally we find splashes of blue accentuated by the pool and the open sky, but overall it is the element of earth that prevails in this colour scheme. The idea is to feel grounded. Tranquil. Where the only sounds are the curtains that whisper in the colours of the South African veldt and rustle in the peaceful breezes.

Spaces that breathe

Breezes that float in from the trees, across the pool and through the house, emphasising the way the space is designed to breathe. Gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows and glass panel doors open up to allow the country in. These doors and windows surround the swimming pool, giving constant access to the outdoor life.

This sense of openness is carried throughout the home in the glass fences, balconies and balustrades. Even the wine cellar is transparent and enhanced by a beautiful mirror art-piece reflecting the sense of space. In fact, along with wood and stone, glass is a key feature here at the Waterfall Project. Look for it in the shelves, desk-tops, vases and chandeliers. On counters and tables, inside and out.

Glass allows the world in but, like water, it also serves as a source of reflection. We trust that combined with the elements of earthiness, light and space, this ensures the home gives what it is designed to give. Tranquillity, freedom and a special sense of country life.

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