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Spotlight: Tashi Krost Interiors

With over 8 years’ experience in designing distinguishing homes, Tashi Krost Interiors provides world-class expertise in translating tastes and lifestyles into perfect spaces. We chat to Tashi Krost about their latest interior projects and design inspiration…

Why did you decide to become a designer?

I think this career chose me – it happened really organically. I started working at Lemon when they first opened, where I was exposed to the world of interior design. I didn’t know much about this career path during my school days, even though I spent all my time in art class and have always been very creative. Once I became aware of the role of an interior designer, I was hooked and decided I had to study further to be apart of the industry.

Which designers have become an inspiration for you in the industry?

I’m in awe of Sophie Paterson, with her elegant taste and timeless spaces. I also admire Laura Hammett and seeing what ideas she is going to come up with next.

What interior style inspires you most?

I’m inspired by pieces that have character and tell a story. I do love a space with clean lines, however, there’s something about a modern farmhouse that warms my heart. I appreciate the sense of homeliness it brings.

What is your first memory of design?

Traveling to London to attend the 100% Design Show. It was absolutely mind blowing and inspiration was everywhere I looked.

In what kind of home do you live?

My home is very warm and comfortable. The style I went for is a modern farmhouse with a contemporary twist. I have a 3 year old daughter and a baby on the way so I needed to be very practical in its design. I believe that a home is to be lived in.

What latest décor item have you recently purchased?

A round rug with big bold florals set in a black background for our entrance hall. The pop of colour brings about the perfect balance. (Bought online of course …#covid).

What are your upcoming projects?

We have been very busy with an exciting project which should be completed by November. I have loved working with this client. They know exactly what they want and are also willing to push the boundaries a bit, which is fun! There is a library bar with a variety of raw materials – we can’t wait to show you.

Keep an eye out for Tashi Krost’s upcoming projects and be sure to check out their work online at Tashi Krost Interiors.

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