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Spotlight: Meet Audi Snÿman

For over 25 years Audi Snÿman has been at the forefront of curating new styles and embracing cutting-edge technology to create truly spectacular spaces and interiors across South Africa and abroad. Today we have the privilege of talking with Audi about her journey as a designer and how she continues to build a renowned brand – locally and abroad.

How did your interest in design become your career?

My hobby became my career. From childhood I was busy creating beautiful things, like jewellery from beads and seeds, designing and manufacturing clothing for pocket money and spending free time knitting and doing some embroidery. At the very initial stage of my business, I manufactured, with the help of a small group of women, linen and other decorative items for guest houses. It just grew and grew to where I am today.

What defines your signature look?

My signature look will have quality, detail and specific attention written all over it.

Your personal style preference and must-haves?

My style preference is authenticity. It should reflect the very essence of who or what my client wants. I do not dictate a classic, modern or minimalistic style to the client at all. What they feel comfortable in, their preferences and budget, need to blend into an end product that would stun them, when the final project and product are revealed.

Design has become a global business. Do you have a particularly favourite country/region to work in and why?

I love working in a region where nature and light could be incorporated into living spaces, which include bedrooms and bathrooms. Nature is another space we need so desperately to have a full and balanced life! Nature is the essential!

How do you judge the success of each project?

A project is only successful when the client is ecstatic about the project, that was finished on time and within budget

What’s new for your brand?

When our brand becomes a household name, due to the high standard of our work, and bringing joy to each project, big or small, we will be satisfied that we made our clients’ living spaces a better place.

When building a home, hotel, or lodge, you are making an investment that requires careful planning to ensure a timeless outcome. Audi Snyman works carefully with clients to ensure they get the best value for their money, whilst ensuring the outcome is curated with love, elegance and panache.

For more visit Audi Snyman.

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