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Spotlight: Meet Anna Weylandt From WeylandtStudio

This August, we continue to shine a spotlight on women in the local design industry. Today we are chatting to lead designer and furniture buyer, Anna Weylandt, from WeylandtStudio. Let’s find out more about her love for design and inspiration to keep working in the industry.

What do you think constitutes good design?

Good design is something or a space that brings you joy – but also works for you. I think this is subjective, but the balance between beauty and function is critical. Good design makes you feel something.


Why use a designer and what do you think a designer adds to the process?

I think a lot of people try to or think they can decorate their home themselves, which I commend, but I think people underestimate the time and skill it takes to really create a cohesive space. Not only that, designers just have a broader knowledge of what is available out there in terms of products, materials and trends which lets us put together spaces faster and easier.

How do you combine beauty and function into the interiors that you create?

Obviously working on good space planning is key to making a space work hard. Then it’s about balance of materials to fit the purpose.

What inspires you and drives your design decisions?

I definitely find inspiration when I (used to) travel. Visiting beautiful hotels and spaces around the world. I am also very inspired by my team of designers and how they see things and their ideas.

In terms of making design decisions, it a bit like cooking a good dish – it’s all about balance. We are inspired by materials and context – we then try and balance that to make it all work together.

What do you see for the future of design?

Hyper local focus and and even bigger push for sustainable projects.

What are you working on at the moment?

Lots! We have a quite few residential projects on the go in the Atlantic seaboard all in different stages. We are also about to start on a new holiday home in Hermanus which will be great fun.

What is your favourite project?

They all are… I’m kidding. I think the projects that let us stay to our true Weylandtstudio aesthetic are some of the best. Askara Haus is one of them.

What field of design are you most interested in?

I am interested in all of them really. But I really LOVE it when craft and design meet.

What is your favourite book/magazine on design?

Cereal magazine – also the Monocle travel guides, great for finding good designer focused spots when travelling.

How about your favourite design site?

EST Living – it’s an Australian digital magazine and blog. Love everything they publish.

What is more important, aesthetics or functionality?

Both equally important – but I think we are drawn to aesthetics first.

Have you ever had to compromise on one?

Definitely- but I would say budget has caused us to compromise on things the most.

You have a vast portfolio. What are you most proud of? How does it reflect on you as an interior designer?

I am most proud of my incredible team of women in the Studio. We have really cultivated an amazing team culture that values hard work and having fun at the same time. I am proud of all of our projects – especially some that we are busy work – we are getting better and better.

A place you visit to unwind in Africa?

We recently went to AndBeyond in Sossusvlei, Namibia on holiday. Namibia to me is the perfect place to unwind – the vastness of the landscape is extremely calming.

Your favourite restaurant?

I am definitely a brunch dinner person, and you will find me at Loading Bay in Cape Town at least once a week.

Any awards you have won?

We are working on that.

We’re excited to follow along and see the amazing work of WeylandtStudio. Be sure to check them out online for the latest design inspo.

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