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Pinky Ring is Bruno Mars

As suave as the musician himself, Pinky Ring is Bruno Mars’s newly opened cocktail lounge at Bellagio Las Vegas.

Oozing cool, the glam lounge, designed by Yabu Pushelberg studio, is a stylish blend of sophisticated luxury finishes and custom designs, from custom wallpaper to floors in an intricate pattern of hardwood and tile, with a dash of playfulness.

A tribute to the art of entertainment and design, “the space is a careful balance of contrasts: plush velvet seating against the cool hardness of marble tables, the warm glow of ambient lighting piercing the dimness, and the boldness of modern art pieces set against walls that whisper tales of a bygone era,” explains one source.

Here, just as with a showstopper performance, lighting is everything: Yabu Pushelberg employed several lighting techniques to craft an inviting yet transformative ambience. Strategic lighting sources not only highlight design details but also set the mood, with the lighting shifting during the evening, “mimicking the natural transition from dusk to dawn” to enhance the sensory experience. From custom chandeliers inspired by vintage jewellery to pendant lights highlighting the action at the bar and cleverly integrated task lighting integrated into design features such as handrails, the attention to lighting detail is immense – and deserves applause.

Drawing inspiration from the owner himself, the cocktail lounge also has a rhythm to it, a “melody in the way the furnishings invite you to move” and a retro flair akin to the man himself.

Guests to the lounge can watch mixologists craft bespoke cocktails at the main bar area or enjoy private conversation in intimate seating pockets awash in jewel tones and plush fabrics while enjoying the best of the worlds of music, design and hospitality.


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