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Picture-Perfect Transformation

There is an undeniable delight in reinventing something old in a way that holds on to its timeless character while breathing new energy into its life. The renovation and reimagining of this charming Newlands townhouse is a masterclass in just that.Earning itself a feature in one of South Africa’s leading interior design magazines, this townhouse transformation turned a small dated home into anopen, airy and bright home that perfectly fills the gap between old and new; a space AMERICAN shutters Decowood Shutters™ fit very comfortably into.

Installed throughout the home, from hallway to kitchen, living area to bathroom, the shutters work intelligently to integrate the outdoors and control natural light andviews. Clever design features are incorporated to ensure that the home layout and flow is practical and effortless, such as the doublehinged shutters which fold back completely onto the wall alongside the windows in the narrow hallway and the tierontier hinged shutters in the bathroom which give complete control over privacy while still allowing in fresh air and light.



Each area of the home presents pictureperfect vignettes framed by the classic style of AMERICAN shutters’ pure white Decowood Shutters. Practical and pretty, this shutter range is as resilient as it is elegant and as simple as it is sophisticated, hallmarks that transcend eras and styles.



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