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Make A Grand Entrance With Wanda-Michelle Interiors

We all know what they say about first impressions. So what does your entrance say about you? Let’s make a grand entrance with expert advice from Wanda-Michelle Interiors.

Whether it’s a boutique hotel or a humble home, let’s set the tone of the journey.

  1. Don’t let your entryway be an afterthought. Include the layout and styling in the initial phases of your interior design.
  2. Think about the lighting and use bold illumination to add that extra wow factor.
  3. Keep it organized. Think about the details and the feel you want to create as guests enter your space. Organization can help to create balance and flow from one room into the next one.
  4. So much of who you are is expressed in your interior design. Don’t miss the opportunity to communicate that with your guests, as they enter your space.
  5. Make use of vertical space. Whether art on a wall or a bold chandelier from above, use the space wisely and achieve a well-balanced grand entryway.

Contact the professionals to help you achieve a high-end look. The team from Wanda-Michelle Interiors can help to design and create your ideal and bespoke entrance area. Offering a turnkey service with over 20 years of experience, they certainly can deliver your dreams!


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