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WMI: A Bold & Elegant Melville Home Renovation

Designed to precision, this striking Melville home by Wanda-Michelle Interiors (WMI) exudes a sophisticated contemporary aesthetic that celebrates clean lines and modern finishes.

It is a magnificent five-bedroom home featuring three living rooms, two outdoor entertainment areas including a gazebo, pool, bar and a home cinema, as well as two en suite and private staff quarters.

This dreamy property is situated in one of Johannesburg’s affluent suburbs, providing the family with a relaxed lifestyle, top security and ample privacy.

Involved from the beginning, Wanda-Michelle Interiors was entrusted with the task of renovating and redesigning the home, with the help of architect Gavin Warburton of Gavin Warburton Architects, to the owners’ liking. Natalie Hadlow, general manager at Wanda-Michelle Interiors, says: “The home reflects the owners’ uniqueness and sophistication; it is simultaneously glamorous and comfortable, designed to impress both clients and family.”

For the interior, Wanda-Michelle Interiors went with “an edgy yet timeless aesthetic with a bold use of metallics with pops of colour against a neutral palette that complements the stone wall cladding, bright green grasses and vertical gardens”, says Hadlow.

We love the use of cooling blues and hints of metallic flair throughout. A wonderful mix of textures and materials creates interest in every space.

Responsible for the renovation and interior design of this home, Wanda-Michelle Interiors
(WMI) addressed the cabinetry, bathrooms and kitchen upgrades, and supplied and installed the hard finishes, all the furniture, rugs, art , objet, beds, linen, crockery and cutlery.

The owners of this opulent home desired a glamorous and inviting space reflecting their personalities. WMI redefined spaces using oak-stained veneers combined with Duco, bronze and smoky mirrors and brass inlays, which were offset against high-polished, marble-like porcelain tiles, Quartz Carpet and textured wallpapers.

While the owners love their entire home, a favourite space is their master bedroom with its bold accents of bronze, black, smoky mirror and stone. Hadlow says: “The client wanted a strong and dark bedroom, and Wanda Michelle Interiors made it warm and inviting with our well-curated art pieces lending a further element of elegance.”

A luxury abode, this home oozes a glamorous feel that complements a comfortable lifestyle.

From the bedrooms to the bathrooms and all the spaces in-between, this home oozes luxury living with all the elegant touches. WOMAG’s Grigio Cielo porcelain tiles, which beautifully mimic the characteristics of marble with its movement and crystal-like veins, were used in this luxurious home.

The end result is a beautifully designed residence with clean lines and modern finishes; a simple renovation that has become a modern delight to be enjoyed by the whole family.

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