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What to Consider When Choosing the Perfect TV Wall Unit for Your Home with DIYgirls™ INTERIOR

With advancements in technology resulting in slimmer and lighter televisions, the design of TV units has also evolved, giving rise to the growing trend of TV wall units. Unlike the bulky wall units of the 90s and the more recent free-standing TV stands, TV wall units are created to showcase modern wall-mountable televisions and are gaining popularity for their capacity to marry functionality, practicality and style into a single piece of furniture. Be inspired with DIYgirls™ INTERIOR.

From size and design to storage solutions and compatibility, there are numerous factors to consider when choosing the right unit for you.

If you’re ready to update your living room and transform the space around your television into a functional and stylish centrepiece, this guide will walk you through key considerations. Keep these tips in mind when choosing the right TV wall unit for your living room.

Your Style:

Your living room is a reflection of your personal style and your TV wall unit should be no exception. Whether you prefer modern, minimalist, traditional, rustic or something else entirely, this piece of furniture must complement the overall look and feel of your home.

If you are drawn to clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, a sleek, modern unit like the Blake TV Wall Unit might be perfect for you. If your taste leans more towards luxurious and lavish, the Asana TV Unit with its elegant wood and marble look may be more your style.

Material and colour also play a big role. Wood tones and textured surfaces evoke a warm, natural, comforting feel, while smooth glossy surfaces create a sense of luxury and sophistication. Choose materials that complement your existing furniture and décor style. Quality materials are also essential for durability, ensuring that your TV wall unit serves you for years to come.


Your Storage Needs:

Before choosing a TV unit, consider your own storage requirements. Open shelves like those on the Alegria TV Unit can add an airy feel and showcase decor pieces, while closed cabinets like those on the Slim Slatted TV Wall Unit provide a more streamlined look and keep clutter hidden away. Factor in what media equipment, decoders, smart boxes, gaming consoles and other accessories will need to be stored either in sight or hidden. Make sure your preferred unit has adequate shelves, cabinets or drawers to accommodate these items.


Size and Scale:

Finding the right TV wall unit hinges on both the size of your television and the scale of your living room. An excessively large piece may overwhelm the space, making the room feel cramped and uninviting, while a unit that is too small may appear disproportionate and insignificant. The TV itself should also be proportionate in size to the unit. This balance is key to achieving a visually pleasing and comfortable result.

Don’t forget to factor in viewing height. Keep in mind the dimensions of your couches and chairs. For comfortable viewing, the centre of your TV should be at your eye level when you are seated.


Integration of technology:

It is also valuable to think beyond just the TV itself and consider the space that may be required for speakers, decoders or other media components. Built-in features like cable management systems and hidden compartments can significantly enhance functionality and keep your entertainment setup organised and aesthetically pleasing.

Future Needs:

Anticipate any future changes to your entertainment setup, such as upgrading to a larger TV or adding new media components. It would therefore be wise to choose a TV unit that can accommodate this and any other future needs. This way you can avoid the need to replace it.



Everyone wants something unique. Look for a unit that matches what makes your space distinctively you. If you cannot find an existing piece that meets all your requirements and complements your style, consider customising your own.

Bespoke furniture is an emerging decor trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for the foreseeable future. People are forgoing mass-produced, generic options in favour of more personalised pieces. This trend is expected to continue shaping the future of interior design.

If you have a vision for a unique TV unit, DIYgirls can help you turn it into reality. The team is equipped to create customised TV units that allow you to personalise your living room according to your needs, preferences and budget. They can also adapt one of their existing designs to better suit your style or space requirements.


Bottom Line:

By considering these factors, you’ll be well on your way to selecting the perfect TV wall unit for you – a piece that not only enhances your viewing experience but also elevates the style and functionality of your home.

If you are ready to transform your living room into a stylish and functional space, explore a full range of TV wall units today or contact DIYgirls for a custom piece and take the first step towards creating your ideal entertainment area.

Contact: DIYgirls™ INTERIOR.

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