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Planning with Johnson Fitness

While the wellness trend may be big, space for training may not always be. Guesthouses, hotels and homeowners may often be constrained by limited floor space when planning a gym.

Leveraging their extensive experience, Johnson Fitness can help clients optimise their fitness facilities with strategic planning and smart equipment choices.

“The first step is assessing the available space and understanding the fitness needs of your guests. This involves considering the types of workouts they prefer and the versatility of the equipment,” explains Johnson Fitness.

“A well-thought-out layout is also crucial. It should allow for free movement between equipment and include zones dedicated to different types of workouts (cardio, strength, flexibility).

“Divide the space into distinct zones based on workout types to ensure a smooth flow and prevent overcrowding in any area. For example, create a cardio zone with treadmills and bikes, a strength zone with weights and resistance machines, and a flexibility zone for yoga and stretching. This approach not only organises the space efficiently but also enhances the workout experience by minimising distractions and interruptions.

“Another crucial consideration is equipment. When outfitting a fitness facility with limited space, selecting the right equipment is important to ensure a comprehensive and effective workout experience. Invest in multi-functional equipment that offers the user the ability to perform a variety of exercises on a single machine. This versatility means you can provide a full-body workout without needing to allocate space for numerous single-function machines. Look for foldable, compact designs to further maximise the space.”

For the widest selection of versatile, quality fitness equipment, look towards Johnson Fitness’s collection of Matrix and Fusion Fitness machines.

Contact: Johnson Fitness.

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