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Meet Sumari Krige From La Grange Interiors

When it comes to sourcing beautiful things from distant shores, Sumari Krige from La Grange Interiors certainly has an eye for detail. As a curated furniture and décor destination, La Grange Interiors boasts an exclusive offering of luxurious soft furnishings, timeworn antiques, and accessories sourced from all around the globe or custom-designed by Sumari herself. Today we chat with Sumari about some of the basics involved in designing an exclusive interior space.

Can you tell us more about the meaning of the name La Grange Interiors?

The name La Grange derives from the French word for Barn. Charlotte Daneel and I started the company in 1996 in a 200-year-old barn in Franschhoek. Originally, this was a showroom for international buyers to view locally made lifestyle and decor pieces as we were the buying agents for international department stores such as Gallerie la Fayette in Paris, De Bijenkorf in Holland, and Magasin du Nord in Denmark. Our business model then shifted to the local South African market. We decided to showcase some beautiful internationally sourced furniture and accessories from all over the world.

What do you love most about interior design?

Having the freedom to create anything you wish. Good design is like a breath of fresh air, a harmonious sound. It’s about balance. Something you just want for yourself.

How much freedom do you have in the design decisions?

I am fortunate that I can have lots of freedom to create a visually appealing space, however it’s all about balance.

What are the most important aspects to consider when designing interiors?

Good design is ultimately based on visual discernment, and I feel that no rule or guideline can replace it. What you have left once you have disregarded the fundamental principles of design is instinct.

Do your world travels influence your design sensibility?

Being able to travel to far and exotic destinations, and meeting local artisans from all over the globe, influences your design sensibility. Being inspired by global design ultimately makes your creativity flow. I love India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and my all-time favourite the Philippines. Every country and culture has an influence on our eclectic offering of products.

How would you describe your interior style?

My style blends old with new; straddles classic and contemporary styles, and above all promotes easy elegant living. Mixing different textures gives you the ultimate sense of luxury.

Any new products we can look forward to?

We have recently received some exquisite European coloured glassware. I am totally in love with the elegance and retro influence. Sure to make a feature! Three brands we also represent are Pols Potten, District Eight, and Gommaire – which never seems to lack a supply of new items.

What has been your favourite collaboration/project so far?

Over the last few years, we were fortunate to have worked with Rolf Blakstad from Blakstad Architects on the Spanish island of Ibiza on a few projects. Their fusion of the fundamentals of traditional Ibiza architecture with contemporary functionality, form, and style gives us the perfect backdrop for our interiors. We are looking forward to the completion of the interiors of yet another beautiful villa in 2022.

Which interior designer inspires you?

For years I have closely followed quite a few Dutch and Belgian designers like Marcel Wolterinck, Piet Boon and Axel Vervoordt. Currently, Belgian designer, Vincent van Duysen, is pushing all boundaries and in a league of his own and a firm favourite. I have a lot of Dutch and Belgian friends in the trade industry, and really feel they are leaders in the field of design and product development… not followers. Lately, there are also quite a few Australian architects and interior designers coming through, whose work I find is like a breath of fresh air.

What do you think future trends for interior design will be like?

I feel future design trends will be shifting to create more sustainable projects along with supporting local. Comfort has and always will prevail over trends.

If you were not a designer what would you be?

A Travel Journalist (maybe I need to re-consider since Covid-19 became a reality).

What are you most grateful for in your business?

That after 25 years in the business we are still relevant and have something to offer. Whether it is a large piece of furniture or a beautiful small exquisite piece of hand-blown glassware, our clients love and support us and I am extremely grateful for that.

How and where would be your ideal place to unwind?

A great book and a hot bath at our holiday home in Langebaan on the West Coast – with or without a child to share it with. Regular travels (and not so regular travels due to Covid-19) make me appreciate my family more on my returns.

Discover the hidden gems and treasures now available from La Grange Interiors. You can subsequently find a beautiful piece or heirloom that will make an impact in your home for years to come.

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