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Interior Designer Tristan Du Plessis

With a name that requires no introduction in design circles, Tristan Du Plessis is lauded the world over for his artistic vision that fuses creativity, sustainability and cultural narrative in every project.

The interior designer’s stellar career includes many highs such as establishing his studio at the age of 27, as well as various prestigious international projects and awards. Most recently, Du Plessis was named Designer of the Year for Decorex Africa and 100% Design Africa.

Here, the award-winning designer shares insights into his journey, philosophy, and aspirations.

What is your design ethos?
A: My design ethos revolves around the “why not?” – a philosophy rooted in embracing innovation and emotional resonance. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of tailoring each project to its unique narrative, steering clear of personal style in favour of creating immersive experiences that resonate with users on a profound level.

What is your approach to sustainability and ethical design?
A: While acknowledging the challenges of integrating sustainability within budget constraints, I champion a collaborative approach that engages local artisans and communities. By incorporating ethical considerations into my projects, I hope to create a more sustainable and inclusive design ecosystem.

Please share some projects that you’re proud of?
A: SAN Beach in Dubai is a testament to my design philosophy – a contemporary African beach club that redefines luxury through soulful expression and cultural resonance. Collaborating with African artisans and designers, I curated a space that celebrates Africa’s rich artistic heritage while captivating a global audience.

What are your thoughts on the industry recognition you’ve received?
A: My recent accolades affirm my mission to transcend stylistic and geographical boundaries through design. I am very grateful for the recognition and proud to represent South Africa on a global stage, creating collaborations that resonate with a diverse audience worldwide.

What’s next for you?
A: With an upcoming hotel project in Dubai, I will explore new design innovation frontiers. I envision a future where design transcends boundaries, integrating technology seamlessly to enhance guest experiences.

 What are the ingredients of successful design?
A: Great design requires dedication and perseverance. Embracing the journey of creation, I find fulfilment in the fusion of time, effort, and inspiration. Design is a catalyst for addressing global challenges, from sustainability to social equity and well-being. By championing ethical practices and cultural narratives, designers can shape a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Where to experience the Tristan du Plessis showcase as Designer of the Year
A: Tristan du Plessis’s work will be showcased at 100% Design Africa 2024, as part of Decorex Joburg, running from 1-5 August 2024 at the Sandton  Convention Centre in Johannesburg. He will be creating a concept decor scheme especially for the show in response to his designation as Designer of the Year 2024. This display will be on view for guests.

His  journey exemplifies the transformative power of design – a testament to creativity, collaboration, and unwavering passion. As he continues to redefine the boundaries of innovation and elegance, his achievements serve as an inspiration for aspiring designers around the globe.

For more information visit:

Tristan du Plessis:

Tickets: Tickets are available via
https://decorex.howler.co.za/events/decorex-joburg-69cb/tickets and cost less if you buy them online ahead of time.

Image credits: Photography by Natelee Cocks

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