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Inspiration and the Sixties

Using the sea as their inspiration and the Sixties as their compass, Loto Ad recently reworked the Art Suite at Manfredi Collection Punta Tragara, a luxurious 5-star hotel in Capri.

Leveraging her expertise in architecture and Genius loci, architect Giorgia Dennerlein oversaw the remarkable redesign to seamlessly integrate the suite with the surrounding landscape, creating a captivating extension of Capri’s natural beauty.

Inspired by the ocean, Dennerlein envisioned the suite as an immersive experience, where the essence of the sea permeates through three arches, shaping walls and furnishings with its colour and movement. The use of blue-veined onyx flooring and blue agate strips evoke the waves crashing against the rocks, while marble elements divide and connect spaces, leading to a sense of seamless transition between indoors and out.

Dennerlein’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the suite, from the limited edition wallpaper featuring Constantin Brancusi’s workshop to the majolica tiles from the Blu Ponti collection by Francesco de Maio.

Loto Ad Project’s innovative use of surfaces, along with iconic Eero Aarnio “Bubble” chairs, further enhance the maritime atmosphere, creating a luxurious retreat overlooking the bay of Naples. 

Even the outdoors echo the Mediterranean theme, with a balcony adorned with choice Vondom, Baxter, and Dedon furnishings, offering guests a serene retreat overlooking the sea. Inspired by Giò Ponti’s iconic designs, the outdoor terrace also features white and blue ceramics that complement the panoramic views, providing an idyllic setting for guests to savour exclusive menus crafted by acclaimed chef Luigi Lionetti at the Talenti outdoor kitchen.

Meanwhile, the circular motif of the Sixties era infuses the space with a sense of harmony and warmth, creating a fluid and inviting atmosphere, inside and out, where art, architecture and design converge to offer a private sanctuary to discerning guests.

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