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Deborah Garth – The benefits of good workplace design

The benefits of good home- and corporate workplace design

Workers spend a lot of time at work, trying their best to be productive and the correlation between good workplace design and well-being has been proven over and over again.

It is important to create a workplace that promotes creativity and dynamic thinking as well as productivity. Creativity in the workplace enhances not only problem solving but also general office moral.

Whether you are designing a new workplace or are in the process of a much needed revamp, it is important to look at many aspects including but not limited to the following:

  • Acoustics / Noise Control
  • Air quality
  • Biophilia
  • Colour
  • Furniture and ergonomics
  • Layout
  • Lighting
  • Temperature
  • Work space vs relax space

Numerous studies have shown that the comfort level of workers directly influences their productivity and work quality. This is a true fact that should be considered not only for corporate offices where many workers are working together but also for the person who works from home. It was also revealed that men prefer private work spaces and women favour open-plan spaces.

Here are a few benefits of good workplace design:

  • Boosts employee happiness
  • Improves productivity
  • Increases creative problem solving and innovative thinking
  • Promotes human dynamics and collaboration
  • Attract and retain quality employees

Outstanding office and workplace design can be challenging thus the advice to get an experienced designer on board. The importance of good knowledge in terms of leading industry trends and traits cannot be stressed enough. Deborah has all the experience needed to transform your workplace into a space that promotes creativity, collaboration, innovative thinking and comfort. Call her today.

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