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DDL: How To Bring Colour To Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a reflection of who you are. It is a beautiful, intimate space where you can be yourself. Colour is a wonderful way to bring personality and style into this inner sanctuary. Here we share a few ways to bring colour and vibrancy into your master suite.


Play with pattern

Patterns can bring life and colour to any room. However, if you’re a novice, stick to one or two patterns in similar colourways to tie the look together. Introduce subtle contrasts in patterns through your choice of decor, curtains and linens. These subtle prints can elevate your space and give it a well-rounded design.

Choose statement furniture

Opt for quality furniture pieces that become a focal point in your room. Start with the centrepiece of any bedroom – your bed! Choose a bed that evokes your style and adds an air of sophistication to your space. A bold wooden frame is another way to bring colour and texture to your bedroom. Other statement pieces can include a dresser, a simple floor rug or even a statement headboard to make a real impact in your room.

Introduce textures

Give your bedroom added dimension with a mix of textures and textiles to add warmth. Plush fabrics may add a soft edge to your space, while interesting textures such as metals, ceramics, glass, fabric and more can bring a beautiful blend of comfort, elegance and more to your room. Choose accent colours and tie these into interesting textural elements in your bedroom.

Lighting matters

Give your space ambience and style with designer lighting. Be sure to consider various lighting options to get the desired ambience. Overhead lighting such as a stylish chandelier can make a real impact, while bedside lighting and task lighting in your space can give your room a more complete look. Lighting can also accentuate your chosen colour palette – so be sure to play around with lighting to enhance your colour scheme.

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