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Cosentino: Brando Ice Cream Shop in Madrid.

Known for their innovative sustainable surfaces, including Silestone®, Dekton® and Sensa by Cosentino®, Spanish-based company Cosentino is driven to “inspire people through innovative and sustainable spaces”.

One such space is the newly opened Brando Ice Cream Shop in Madrid.

Working on a tight budget and an even tighter deadline, creative teams from Solar and Marta Jarabo collaborated to create an eye-catching bright blue store filled with frozen delights.

Making use of Cosentino products, the team created “an artificial landscape in Madrid’s historical centre where one’s perception of scale is blurred by the use of colour,” explains Cosentino. “This strategy pursues an economy of means by way of an ecological manifesto, avoiding demolitions in order to generate as little waste as possible, all the while also unifying the space and leaving the past layers of the premises visible.”

They continue to explain that the store is “organised in two parallel bands separated by a volume clad in projected polyurethane foam which serves as a display unit, bar, and counter. A round luminaire of stretched fabric is the focus of attention from outside, and because of the colour variation in the course of the day, this element gives the ice cream parlour multiple physical and emotional attributes.”

“The shop investigates the relationship between visual perception and the phenomenology of colour with the aim of developing a new commercial model where consumption is understood as an atmospheric experience,” explains Solar.

Now that’s both delicious and cool!


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