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Anne Hathaway Swiss Chalet

Showcasing actress Anne Hathaway’s commitment to sustainable living, her Swiss Alps chalet blends tradition and modernity to create a home filled with contemporary luxuries and rustic charm.

Featuring reclaimed wood on the walls and ceilings, the building pays homage to the traditional Swiss aesthetic, which is elegantly complimented by sleek, contemporary furniture, many crafted from sustainably sourced wood. Further sustainable decor choices include the use of eco-friendly paints with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting.

A beloved sanctuary, each room in the chalet was curated by Hathaway, who filled it with art collected on her travels, as well as handcrafted textiles and custom-made furniture pieces. 

The artisanally crafted pieces are juxtaposed with a high-tech, gourmet kitchen equipped with the latest appliances and designed for both functionality and aesthetics – perfect for entertaining large groups of family and friends.

The bedrooms, meanwhile, are private pockets of luxury with magnificent Alp views through its floor-to-ceiling windows, premium linen and a soothing colour palette.

“Anne Hathaway’s Swiss chalet stands as a beacon of interior design excellence, effortlessly blending traditional Swiss elements with modern luxury and sustainability,” noted Tapis Studio.

“Every room tells a story, each piece of furniture has a purpose, and the overall effect is one of warmth, elegance,and environmental consciousness. It is a true reflection of Hathaway’s values, taste and her ability to create a space that feels both luxurious and like home.”



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