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DIYgirls: Christmas Decor Do’s & Don’t’s

It’s the festive season and you may be planning to go all out with Christmas decor this week. However, we caught up with the interior design experts from DIYgirls on what trends to follow and what festive ideas we should let go of this season. Here’s what they had to share…


Which pieces of decor should we let go of this year?

DIYgirls is known for embracing bold patterns and rich colours in our design! Plus, decorating for Christmas is one of those iconic moments on the calendar when we get to revisit our favourite ornaments, while playing Mariah softly in the background. It’s a time to create magic and not stress over the nitty gritty. So, our thought is that if it make you smile, then you’re good to go.
So, contrary to what you might expect my answer to be – I believe the festive season is the perfect time to embrace… “more is more”.


How do you achieve more is more without going overboard?

From a design perspective, I suggest picking a colour scheme and sticking to it throughout your home. A cohesive look is always a winning one. So, if you’re decorating for the first time or would like to refresh your theme, you can consider building a festive look based on the style you’re already embracing in your home. For example, if you have a contemporary home,  choose decorations that are less ornate and more simple in terms of lines and colourways. These days, there are so many colour variations available. Deep reds like burgundy, plum and merlot complement alternative greens beautifully, such as chartreuse and olive. At the same time, neutrals as in your browns, creams and even copper can be a gorgeous festive alternative without screaming Christmas. Focus your efforts on 2 to 3 focal points, like the front door, your dining table and your Christmas tree.


Natural tree or plastic tree?

I’ve travelled extensively over the years and have had the privilege to experience a white Christmas. So I must be honest, there’s nothing quite like the real deal, especially when you keep it simple. All a beautiful, natural garland needs to make a big impact is a long velvet ribbon… And voila, you have a sophisticated wreath and you most probably had loads of fun while making it too.


What are your three big no’s when it comes to Christmas decorations?

• Playing it too safe
• Stressing about it
• Rushing it.

You know, you’ve got to take your time.  If you shop all your items in the same places, your home might end up feeling like a storefront. You want to add personality – add those elements that mean something to you to make the occasion even more special. If your Christmas decorations can be in any house, you’re doing it wrong. Drape that strand of popcorn that you made with your children, around a tree! Slow and steady will always win the Christmas decor race!

What are the latest trends this year?

  • Deep reds paired with alternative greens;
  • And also neutral tones with metallic accents;
  • It’s also important to choose a topper that is to scale with your tree.

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