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DDL: 6 Styling Tips To Stage Your Home

When a potential buyer walks through the door to your home, what are their first impressions and thoughts? Will your home stick in their memory and make a lasting impression? We can help you get there with six easy to apply styling tips to help you stage your home before the big sale.

Declutter every room

Nobody likes to see the mess of everyday life when they’re considering their dream home. Start by decluttering counters and tables. This will give your eye a safe place to land and create a more visually appealing feel to your home. Pack away household good and clothing – and anything else that does not need to be on show for the house tour.

Remove personal items

Part of the decluttering process is to depersonalize your home. Remove family photos and memorabilia that will have no significance to your buyer. The goal is for them to visualise themselves and their own families in your space. You can help by giving them a clean slate in each room.

Clean everything

Dirty homes are unappealing to potential buyers. In fact, you want your home to sparkle and shine. Do a thorough job and get a friend or family member to inspect your job before you go to market. Don’t neglect hard to reach spaces. Buyers may take a look inside cupboards or behind doors. Be sure that each area is thoroughly cleaned out. Clean homes offer more potential and buyers can easily fall in love with the space.

Fix anything broken

Whether a glaring crack in a wall or a door hanging on its hinges. Nothing detracts a buyer more than things that are broken or that will cost money to repair. Small fixes can save you in the long run. You want your home to feel welcoming and new – not aged, tired or in need of attention.

Add visual interest

Rearrange your furniture to make your home more appealing to a universal audience. Use art or decor to drawer the eye in and create visual interest that will be pleasing to the eye. Staging a home to sell doesn’t require spending a lot of money – just making wise decisions. You won’t necessarily need to buy a whole new household of furniture, but you can use what you have to make each space more cosy and appealing.

Brighten up your home

Just before the viewing, be sure to open up all windows and doors to let the light shine in. Dark, dull rooms have very little appeal to buyers. You want to create the illusion of space and light so make the most of the natural lighting in your home. In darker areas, turn on all the lights for added illumination.

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