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D-Core Design: Fashion for your walls

Art on walls is an expression of who you are through colour, texture and content. D-Core Design dedicated to bringing you limited-edition photography and artwork for making the ultimate fashion statement in your home. 

We spoke to Managing Director of D-Core Design, Kyle Fuchs and discovered an interesting and unique way to glorify your walls with exclusive artwork. This is what he had to say…

1. What inspired you to start a business in artwork and photography?

There has been a growing demand for high quality, international artwork for the local market. I believe our products cater to this demand by bringing clients exclusive decorative art that feed their creative souls.

2. Tell us about the projects you have worked on…

We have worked on some amazing projects in both the corporate and residential sector. Like any art connoisseurs,  the focus is always on building a living or working environment around the artwork itself; a fool-proof way of achieving great design opportunities. We push the concept of creating your interior according to a highly personalised set of goals. As a client you are able to select the size, style and even price of the artwork you desire, which we believe is an amazing concept.

3. What should client’s think about when selecting artwork?

It is so important that people never think of artwork as an after-thought. Pieces are selected according to personal taste, of course. Colour tones are also an important factor. We offer a wide variety of abstract, landscape, contemporary and fashion pieces so there really is so much to choose from; you may just surprise yourself with your final choice.

4. How can clients collate their choices with their interiors?

We specialise in assisting interior decorators, designers and architects with setting up their interiors where their artwork can shine. With in-house consultants at our Galleria in Buchanan Sqaure, our clients are able to view the pieces we have available to get a feel for the art and it’s impact in a set-up environment. This makes the decision-making process much easier.

5. Which international artists do you admire the most?

We have around 20-30 international artists that continuously create pieces. My personal favourites are the ten that clients request the most, purely because of the variety of style and design. Look out for Karin Vermeer, Kamie Ibarra, Jordi Gomes, Alain Delvoye, Jean Raphael, Thiery Vanhuysse, Patrice Murciano, James Chief, Oscar Lunar and Igor Vasiladias.

6. Do you have plans to include local artists in your collection?

We are currently sourcing local artists who have a style that blends into our corporate identity art handwriting. My personal favourite South African artists include Asha Zero and Lionel Smit as I admire their creative nuances and time put into creating each of their pieces.

To view what D-Core Design have on selection, visit their website on www.dcoredesign.co.za and feed your ‘art and soul’. 

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