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Corobrik: Thinking Outside The Blocks.

Brick blocks are commonly used horizontally when building houses and other structures, but recent trends in architecture are going against the grain. Have a look at the following quirky designs that use face brick in interesting and unconventional ways.

Image Dwell

This modern and minimalistic home uses brick that stands up and stands out. Vertical brick draws the eye line upward and makes buildings appear long and slender.  The vertically positioned brick is juxtaposed next to a horizontally positioned brick to create a simple and eye-catching pattern.


To replicate this look we recommend using face brick in a colour that is non-uniform and varies in tone from brick to brick. Corobrik’s “Corojem Rose Blend” is a great choice.

Image: Issuu.com

This extraordinary design uses black brick on the façade of the home and ingeniously pulls sections of brick block forward and out of alignment with the others giving the home a futuristic, “pixelated” feel. The “3D” texture is enhanced by natural shadows, which are cast on the building from the sun.

To achieve this look, we recommend using Corobrik’s “The Black Brick.” If you like the futuristic finish but don’t fancy the dramatic appearance of such a dark shade of brick on the outside of your home, Corobrik has a wide selection of face brick in countless colours. Browse them all here.

Image: Flickr.com

This building takes unconventional design to the next level, but there is method and practicality behind the seemingly “mad” appearance. The corner of the building has been designed using “clinker” brick – “reject” bricks originally discarded because they were discoloured or distorted. Clinker brick is now a sought-after building material known for its distinctive, mismatched, and charming appearance. Corobrik’s special shaped bricks offer designers a wonderful opportunity to express their creativity and originality through architecture.

How do you feel about using brick in unconventional ways? Do you prefer designs that conform or go against the norm? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.




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