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Spotlight CF Architects Interiors Studios

A reflection of your tastes and aspirations.

Based in Bryanston, Gauteng, CF Architects Interiors Studios believes that “design is a reflection of your tastes and aspirations . . . it’s personal”.

As such, the residential design firm focuses on the creative process to deliver craft and fine design, creating bespoke work for each and every client that truly reflect who they are as an individual.

“We strive to balance the client’s needs, wants and desires into a single design solution through our knowledge, skills and experience in the field. Working closely with our professional team, we integrate architecture, interior design and landscaping to maximise the living experience of your space and home,” they explain.

To ensure a seamless, uncompromised result, the firm offers architectural services for both new builds and renos, as well as interior design services. They also create concept design proposals and manage both the procurement and construction phases of a project.

Their six-step process looks like this:

Step 1: Inception

“We’ll talk about your ideas, validate the project and ensure we understand your budget.”

Step 2: Conception and viability

“We’ll plan out the project conceptually and create a design in 2D space, planning what materials and details we’ll use.

Step 3: Design and development

“Here we’ll start understanding how the project will fit into the practical 3D space, bring on board our development partners & start planning the construction.”

Step 4: Procurement

“Bringing together all the aspects of the project and planning the sourcing, finding building partners, and signing all the contracts for the build to begin.”

Step 5: Construction: 

“We’ll manage the relationship with the construction company, ensure the project stays on track, and do regular site checks so that you can feel safe knowing we’ve got it all under control.”

Step 6: Close out

“As this process usually spans months and even years, it’s always bitter-sweet to say goodbye. We like to close out all projects with as much finesse as the design and build process – Providing you with as-built drawings, certificates, relevant technical data and guarantees from suppliers on completion of the project.”


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