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Project Feature – Barnato Residence at Wits University (Phase 1)

In these tough economic times, it is crucial to keep building costs as low as possible whilst still maintaining form and function. Corobrik managed to help achieve this for their recent clients at Wits University.

The University had strict budget constraints, but urgently needed to construct a new residence on campus. This was done in two phases.

Picture: Nick Huisman.


“The intention was to make a building for students that was unexpected and rich in detail, a building that was friendly, that you would want to touch, and that was made of standard building materials put together in a unique way. For this, we used various brick types, including Corobrik’s face brick, NFX stock bricks and special shaped bricks. We are used to seeing brick buildings that use brick in a conservative manner. Here, we aimed to make a building that expressed the joy of the material and experimentation,” Thorsten Deckler from 26’10 South Architects explained.

To create texture in the design, a combination of various different bricks from Corobrik’s face brick range was used. Namely, Onyx Satin, Village Antique, Agate Satin Solids, Agate Double Cant and Single Cant Specials and Roan and Firelight special shape bricks.

Picture: Nick Huisman.

Depictured above, we see a rich, woven tapestry of different brick, created using products from Corobrik’s face brick range in various colours and finishes – giving this building a unique and interesting appearance

Picture: Nick Huisman.


The warm red and earthy hues of the brick chosen for this project give the building a friendly, inviting and approachable appearance – something the architects at 2’10 South Architects wanted to achieve, in the hopes that the students would feel more at home. We feel this has been successfully achieved.

Tuscan Blend pavers from Corobrik’s clay paver range were used on the surrounding surfaces. These pavers are characterised by soft terracotta and peach hues with some random flashing which has resulted in a paver that is rich in character, and reminiscent of the fired clay of medieval Tuscany. These pavers work beautifully in all applications, complementing soft landscape surrounds and high traffic areas, and, as seen here – the warm red face brick of the Barnato building.


Picture: Nick Huisman.




For more information on these beautiful Tuscan Blend pavers, download the free brochure online.

The strength and durability of Corobrik’s wide and versatile range of clay face bricks and pavers are equally matched by their aesthetic qualities. Both products are compelling and captivating, and offer the widest variety of colours, shades, shapes, and textures available in their ranges.

What do you think of the Barnato Building at Wits University? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. Keep an eye out for next month’s blog where we will be sharing some more interesting facts about the architecture behind this project in building phase 2 of the Barnato Residence.

Picture: Nick Huisman.




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