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Eva-Last: Timeless Building Trends That Last

As design professionals, we’re always searching for new inspiration. However, we know that fads can quickly change and it’s important to find those timeless trends that offer value in the long run. One such trend that’s gaining momentum is composite building materials. This is fast becoming a go-to choice for architects, builders, and designers, and with trusted brands like Eva-Last, the choice becomes even simpler! 

Let’s face the facts. Building is a huge investment and can set you back a pretty penny! So, it only makes sense that we want our buildings to remain beautiful and functional for generations to come. Low maintenance is key! So are materials that last! This is why we believe composite materials will continue to gain in popularity – they offer a blend of both – with durability, sustainability, and style as added benefits.

So, what exactly makes composites so special?

Made to last: Composites are hard-wearing materials. In fact, quality composites are resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage. Eva-Last composites also offer UV protection for beautiful durability – perfect for outdoor applications like decking and cladding.

What maintenance?! Unlike wood which will eventually succumb to harsh elements even if treated regularly, composites require little to no maintenance. This will free up much-needed time and resources for more important things.

Save the planet: Quality composites are made from recycled materials, and no trees are cut down to make them, making it an eco-friendly option. It’s important than ever to think about our choices and how these will impact the future of our planet!

The choice is yours: Composites come in a wide range of forms, making them perfect for a variety of applications. They also come in various finishes and colours to give us freedom of choice in creating a personalised look.

Timelessness in Design

It’s fun and exciting to follow the latest trends. Sadly, however, today’s fads don’t always last or stay on trend tomorrow. This is why timeless designs are so important. We want things that not only look good, but are timeless in meeting the trends for years to come..

So, what are some of the building trends that are sure to stand the test of time? Here are a few we think will leave a mark…

The Eco Choice:

The industry is moving away from materials and processes that do more harm than good. Do we have any other choice? As growing concern for the environment leaves us asking the hard questions, sustainable design is becoming increasingly important. Composites fit perfectly into this trend, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional building materials.

Eva-Last uses bamboo in its composite production. Bamboo can grow up to 50 times faster than timber and releases 35 percent more oxygen into our air than most hardwood trees. It can be made into composite with only 2 percent wastage (compared to over 80 percent wastage with timber), and is naturally antibacterial. This is an amazing feat in the design of this versatile and sustainable building material!

An Ode to Nature and Simplicity:

Composites offer a sleek look. These can be paired with wood, steel, or glass to create a unique, timeless feel. It can also offer us the wood-look we love but without the maintenance! In fact, composite decking offers the beauty of timber decking, but in a hassle-free, durable option that’s longer lasting, gentler on the environment, and virtually maintenance-free.

Cutting-edge engineering brings even greater structural advancements and lifestyle benefits to composite decking. Thoughtful details and aesthetics now give composite an even more natural appearance in a greater range of colours and textures. The international popularity of composite stands as a testament to its functionality and livability.

It’s way too easy to get sucked into the newest design trends. However, we know that a building’s lifespan is equally crucial. For this reason, we think composite materials are revolutionizing the industry, quickly proving to be a worthwhile investment. Visit Eva-Last if you’re looking for a reputable brand with a large assortment available for your next project.

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