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With sustainability being a hot topic, it’s little surprise that almost all conversations these days – from what we design to how we travel – end up with a discussion about how we can – and why we should – be more environmentally friendly.

Construction is no different.

As temperatures rise, architects, builders and homeowners are all looking for innovative methods that are more sustainable. Luckily, they need not look far as one of the oldest building methods on the planet has also proven to be the most sustainable.

As Claybrick notes: “Clay brick is proving to many sceptics in our built environment that sustainable construction is far from the rejection of the materials, methods and systems that have contributed so much to the world. On the contrary: sustainability has driven the research, studies, testing and innovation revealing the many benefits of this ancient building material and driving its use in increasingly diverse and new ways.”

Offering a myriad style possibilities and plenty of eco cred to contemporary buildings, it seems that, these days, clay brick is, quite literally, hot property.

BlackBrick Sandton is one recently completed project showcasing clay bricks’ aesthetic appeal and environmental advantages. Designed in the “vertical village” concept, the building’s façade posed serious challenges, both in terms of structural demands as well as the demands of a future-centric, sustainable vision, explains Claybrick.

However, Federale Stene’s Maxi bricks ticked all the boxes, offering a material with a “unique mix of thermal properties, adaptive manufacturing advantages and reliable, low-carbon proximity of supply to this ambitious project”.

As Mariana Lamont from the Clay Brick Association notes: “Sustainably designed buildings are energy-efficient, resource-efficient and serve the long-term economic, social and environmental needs of communities. Clay brick masonry demonstrates all these qualities during construction, throughout its long operational life.”

Suitable for retaining walls, structure walls and other general building work, clay bricks are durable, weather-proof, insulating, low-maintenance and energy-efficient, and have a low carbon footprint.

Contact: Clay Brick Association.

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