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ADMARES Introduces A Line of Floating Real Estate

This is luxury personified – living on the water in a spectacular floating villa! And this is now a real possibility thanks to Finnish Group, ADMARES, having developed a range of floating hotels and villas, including the world’s largest floating villa with 6000 square metres of floor space spread across three floors!


A Getaway On The Water

As with anything this grand in scale, an ADMARES floating villa comes complete with all the extras for contemporary living. The company prides itself in providing turnkey delivery of a custom-designed, high-quality villa which further boasts jacuzzis and outdoor terraces to fully maximise the space.

What’s more, is that the company has now collaborated with Cape Town-based architectural firms SAOTA and ARRCC – to produce an exclusive high-end floating villa line that will be available to clients worldwide during 2021.

The SAOTA designed villa takes maximum advantage of ADMARES’ pioneering technology and modular construction know-how. The result is something phenomenal – a luxury villa worth R450 million each!

The Design Concept

The concept was to design a private island getaway, rather than a villa on the water, and do this in a contemporary and tasteful fashion. The SAOTA floating villas consist of two floors and six bedrooms with the first floor characterised by double volumes, bold materials, and the generous integration of planting.

This forms the island, and all the spaces are analogous to and inspired by natural experiences offered by tropical islands around the world. The second floor, which contains the bedrooms and pyjama lounge, is the refuge which gently hovers above the island as an element which is more precise, controlled, and speaks to a more refined sense of luxury.

High-End Interiors

For the interiors, ARRCC conceptualised an elegant, high-end approach that incorporates natural materials and features textured timbers, patinated bronze. This together with marble and mirror elements mimic and reflect the villa’s environment. An interplay exists between the dark-toned architecture and warmer interior finishes and textures, a powerful juxtaposition that creates pockets of warmth and serenity.

The décor embodies fluidity inspired by the waterscapes including soft shapes and curves within the sofas and feature glass, marble and bronze tabletops, textured to mimic the movement of water.

Furniture is positioned and scaled to highlight the spaces’ generous volumes, whilst remaining simple and understated. The neutral colour palette complements the paired back interior while incorporating feature pieces in varying hues of blue, offering a subtle nod to the adjacent waterscape. The interiors are infused with natural light and capture the flow of water which dances on the reflective surfaces creating a sense of movement and place, whilst establishing a fluidity between indoor and outdoor.

Discover more online at ADMARES and watch this space as the new line of floating villas goes to market later in 2021.


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