Plascon House Tour: A Dreamy, Dramatic Interior

Today’s house tour takes us into a stylish Norwegian residence, in darker shades of grey, black and charcoal that seem to pervade every space. The overall feeling is one of drama and intrigue in a beautifully styled home that is a welcoming family retreat.

The living room is the epitome of dramatic elegance in a deep charcoal tone that is further echoed in the choice of central sofa system. Hints of leather and wooden elements bring a touch of warmth while a striking central artwork in the room adds to the overall colour palette and makes for a stunning creative addition in this living room. We love the grouped decor items spread throughout this room. From the simplistic styling of a rustic coffee table with vases and books, to the grouped accent pieces that appear above each of the cabinets – all in complimentary shades that add interest in this space.

This house boasts a wonderful display of natural lighting, which plays on the many surfaces and darker wall colours. Porthole windows add visual appeal and also allow light to travel deeper within the dramatic interiors. Here again, we witness the exquisite yet simple colour palette, with greys, charcoals and subtle hints of wood that work together to create a luxurious and homely environment. Natural clay pots and earthy elements also bring a touch of nature inside.
The kitchen has more of a rustic chic appeal to it. In a muted blue tone, the walls pop against the use of dark custom cabinets that serve as a striking kitchen island in this space. Rustic crates add texture and pops of greenery bring vibrancy and freshness to this area of the home. We also love the use of a modern frosted glass cabinet which reflects light in this space and makes the kitchen feel lighter and brighter than it actually is.
The bedroom is beautiful in possibly the darkest shade in the house. We are absolutely loving charcoal and black interior walls in the bedroom – adding depth, drama and intrigue to this intimate space. A gorgeous metal wire light fitting makes a bold statement and a simple arrangement of white prints with black text pops against the darker backdrop. The bed itself is also beautifully styled in complementary tones- bringing texture and comfort to this master suite.
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